Exemplar Best Practice

In 2007 Opportunity Now, in partnership with the Government Equalities Office (formerly part of the Department for Local Communities) identified over 100 Exemplar Employers who are doing innovative work to address unequal opportunities for women in the workplace. The organisations all committed to sharing their best practice with other organisations for the future. It is hoped that this comprehensive sharing of expertise and solutions will ultimately help to address both the gender pay and opportunities gap in the UK. The following recommendations are still relevant for today's organisations.




The Exemplar Employers Initiative came  in response to the Women and Work Commission report ‘Shaping a Fairer Future’. This report analysed the issues and made recommendations to address both the gender pay and opportunities gap in the UK.  There were  (and still) are some huge inequalities between women and men in the labour market. Women who work full time earn up to 17% less then men and currently there are 5.6 million women who are working in part-time jobs below their potential. It is estimated that increasing women’s participation in the labour market and reducing gender segregation could be worth between £15 billion and £23 billion to the UK economy​