Gender Equality Awards 2016: Transparency Award - Deloitte LLP

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Gender diversity is a business imperative for Deloitte. In a sector that has traditionally attracted fewer women at entry and senior levels, Deloitte is operating in a challenging market to attract and retain the best people. It is critical that women who choose to have a career at Deloitte know that they can achieve long-term, sustained success with the firm.

Deloitte’s gender pay gap stands at 17.4%, around 1.7% below the national figure. However, when looking across the organisation as a whole the pay gap between male and female employees at each grade is significantly lower, at 1.5%. This illustrates that the firm’s pay gap challenge is less around how people are paid and more about the number of women employed at more senior grades. 

To drive better gender balance at senior levels, Deloitte has set public gender targets to increase the number female partners to 25% by 2020 and 30% by 2030. It was also amongst the first organisations to voluntarily publish its gender pay gap, publishing the overall average gender pay gap and the average gender pay gap within grade pools in July 2015. 

By publicly reporting its progress against these targets and publishing pay gap data, Deloitte is demonstrating how serious it is about improving gender balance and closing the pay gap.  Gender diversity is important to the organisation which is demonstrated by responsibility for it being held by a member of the Executive (the Managing Partner for Talent, Emma Codd), with the Chairman, CEO and Executive playing critical roles in any decision taken in relation to plans. Progress is tracked regularly and reported to the Executive and Board.  

To deliver change, all partners and senior leadership have a role to play supporting the initiatives to address gender pay gap issues and are accountable within their own business areas.  

For decisions around pay gap reporting, the Managing Partner for Talent is responsible for recommending to the CEO what is publicly reported and is supported operationally by HR, Reward and Management Information teams, with all data ratified by the internal audit team. Communications professionals are involved in driving internal and external publication of the information.

Publicly reporting pay gap data and progress against gender targets shows Deloitte’s employees and future talent how seriously committed it is towards gender equality. The firm’s 2014 engagement survey results indicate that engagement of women is stronger than men at senior manager level, which previously was a drop-off point.