Equal Lives Survey - Thank you

Thank you for taking part in the Equal Lives survey.

Your responses will help us to develop best practice for business to help support people balance their working life with their caring responsibilities.

We want to hear from you:

  • Are you a parent in a same-sex couple balancing work and care for a child or relative?
  • Are you a working single Dad?
  • Do you work shifts and have to balance care for a child or relative?
  • Are you a man balancing the care for a relative and work?
  • Are you a line-manager of a man balancing work and care?
  • Have you had great support from your employer to work flexibly and want to tell us about it?
  • Have you felt under supported by your employer when balancing work and care?

If you relate to any of these and are interested in being involved in media for our report launch in Autumn 2018 please share your details below