About us

The workplace campaigns at Business in the Community, the Prince’s responsible business network, are committed to ensuring that age, gender, race and wellbeing do not limit an employee’s engagement and success in the workplace.


Organisations benefit when they create workplaces which tap into a diverse range of skills and talents and that support the physical and mental wellbeing of all employees. Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces is a business imperative, not just a nice to do.


Membership: We work with our membership of more than 320 employers, from private, public and education sectors giving us have access to and influence over the leaders of the UK’s best known organisations.


Expertise: We offer employers tailored, practical and pragmatic advice, and cutting edge tools and research on workplace issues of age, gender, race and wellbeing.  We are able to convene businesses for the sharing of best practice to help organisations get the best out of all their employees. 


Management & Recognition: Through our Diversity and Wellbeing Benchmark service we offer an in-depth management tool to inform strategic action planning, whilst our Awards programmes celebrate best practice, innovation and dedication to diversity equality, inclusion and wellbeing.  


Influencing change: We campaign on the issues that will make the most beneficial difference to employees and employers and to society and our economy, working closely with government bodies to share our expertise in order to influence positive change.


Leadership: Each of the workplace campaigns is advised by a Leadership Team made of senior business leaders who contribute in the shaping of our work and focus.  



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Business in the Community is a business-led charity committed to shaping a new contract between business and society.