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Flexible / Agile Working 
It is vital that employers understand that flexible working is beneficial not only to their staff, but also to their organisation as a whole, and create inclusive cultures that support  - not stigmatise flexible workers.  
The resources signposted on this page offer support and guidance in developing a flexible / agile working strategy that works for all. 

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Shared Parental Leave
Employers need an agile workforce which can respond to the changing needs of today’s 24/7 society.  It is important to attract, retain and enable the most talented employees, in order to maximise levels of business performance.  With fathers and partners increasingly choosing to play a significant role in bringing up their children, the efficiency (and diversity) conscious employer cannot afford to ignore the impact of Shared Parental Leave (SPL) upon the workplace.
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The Business Case
Removing the barriers which prevent women from participating in the labour market as fully as men has been consistently found to be good for women, good for employers, good for society and good for the UK economy. 
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Women and Age
The needs and progression of older women in the workforce is a topic which has perhaps received too little attention from the business community in recent years. However, with an ageing population, a multi-generational workforce to manage and an increasing body of research which suggests the disparities of gender equality become exaggerated with age, it is important for employers to develop a clear understanding of the issues associated with advancing older women in our workplaces.
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Women and Work - The Facts 
There are a number of recent studies that show a link between more balanced gender distribution in a company’s management and its profitability.
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