Unlocking 1 million jobs to flexibility: it’s time

On the launch day of the Hire Me My Way campaign Emma Stewart, MBE – joint CEO Timewise and co-founder of the Hire Me My Way campaign calls for growth in ‘Flexible Hiring’, to bring the recruitment market up to date with the employment market for flexible working.

We’re bringing together forward-thinking employers together with thousands of people who need flexibility to make change happen in the jobs market and aims to reach the point where 1 million job vacancies are advertised with flexible working options (3 times the current level).

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So why the need for change? Because although over half of UK employees currently work part time or flexibly, Timewise research highlights that less than 1 in 10 quality job vacancies offering £20K FTE or more are advertised as being open to flexible working options. Our analysis of 5 million job ads shows that just 8.7 per cent of £20k+ jobs offer any kind of flexible working options up front – in the job advert itself. 

And this lack of flexible jobs is inhibiting job mobility. People are being ‘locked out’ of the chance to progress their careers and salaries and utilise their skills. Because there’s so much competition for such a small number of jobs, people are frequently forced to take lower paid roles to get the flexibility they need or abandon their careers altogether.

The Hire Me My Way campaign aims to end this mismatch of supply and demand, by helping employers to be open to a conversation about flexible working at the point of hire, rather than waiting for the 6 month qualifying period before offering it… or simply to be asked.

So why should flexible hiring matter to business? Because flexible hiring can give you a competitive advantage on attracting a wide and diverse pool of talent, in the same way that flexible working can help retain good people.  It can improve mobility within your business – enabling successful employees who work flexibly to apply for promotion and progress their careers, rather than staying trapped at the lower levels of your pipeline. And in maximising employees’ skills it will ultimately optimise performance and productivity.

And some of the UK’s leading forward thinking businesses have already joined the Hire Me My Way campaign, and to play its part in growing the flexible job market. Employers such as Belu Water, Pets at Home and Warwickshire County Council are already realising the benefits of embracing flexible hiring

These businesses are backing Hire Me My Way, and working towards the campaign goal of trebling the rates of quality flexible job vacancies currently available.

So if your organisation is already open to flexible working, and you would like to find out more about how you can further position your organisation to the millions of candidates who want flexibility in their next career move, do contact us. 

You will receive free market insight and practical guidance from Timewise, to help you attain the business benefits of flexible hiring,

Hire Me My Way aims to kick off a new chapter in UK recruitment – one of transparency, honesty and fairness for all job applicants – no matter what pattern that need to work, or why. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey…