Government confirms expected publishing dates for gender pay gap analysis

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has confirmed that large employers (with over 250 employees) will be expected to publish their gender pay gap, gender bonus gap, proportion of men and women receiving bonuses and proportion of men and women at different pay quartiles on their website from April 2017 and no later than April 2018.
More and more employers and business associations are now calculating these figures and publishing variants of this information ahead of time, including Business in the Community gender equality campaign members. The GEO is keen to showcase organisations which are considering publishing early - if your organisation is analysing gender pay figures and would like to be involved please email with 'early adoption' in the subject line.


Do you know how to calculate your gender pay gap? Which method will you use? And how will you cut your data to gain a real understanding of the inequities?
gWe have a suite of documents available, designed to support organisations with gender pay gap reporting. 


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