Equal Lives Survey, in partnership with Santander UK

Business in the Community has launched a groundbreaking new project, Equal Lives, in partnership with Santander UK  exploring the organisational barriers and to better define the enablers for men with caring responsibilities.

Increasingly both men and women want a better work-life balance, yet in the UK women carry out 60% more domestic labour than men and mothers provide 74% of childcare. This disproportionate shouldering of domestic duties severely restricts women’s ability to fulfil their potential at work and to progress in their careers. Meanwhile, younger fathers increasingly want a better balance between their work and home lives but are still being penalised by the ideal of a worker with no outside responsibilities.

Equal Lives aims to identify issues around balancing work and care for men and how addressing this can advance women’s equality – both in work and at home. The project will highlight existing gaps between employers’ policies and parents’ and carers’ lived experiences, whilst showcasing best practice in this area.

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