Capgemini UK publishes gender pay gap data early

Today (21 December 2016), Business in the Community gender equality campaign member Capgemini UK has published details of its gender pay gap, four months ahead of government requirement. Capgemini UK’s overall gender pay gap in September 2016 was 18.5%, close to the ONS figure of 18.1%.

Capgemini UK’s HR Director Frances Duffy said: “Like many other companies, our pay gap is primarily caused by having fewer women in senior grades and roles in the company than men, and by the fact that we don’t have the same proportion of women in each grade. This is not uncommon in the technology industry and is something we are actively seeking to address.

“Capgemini welcomes the pay gap reporting as it supports our continued focus on this issue. We know it’s going to be a long journey as it will require us to have consistency in the proportion of women throughout our grades.  But we are committed to closing this gap and eliminating equal pay issues.”

Capgemini UK joins other Business in the Community gender equality campaign members in reporting their gender pay gap early, including Deloitte, PwC and Sodexo.