Business case

Targeting the Issue
This website section has been put together in response to The Lord Davies Review which has outlined recommendations on how to increase the number of women on corporate boards.

It contains details of the recommendations, the business rationale for increasing women in leadership roles, and outlines actions and practical suggestions for ways in which organisations can respond to the recommendations and increase the number of women on their board. Over the coming months Opportunity Now will work to further develop practical ways in which to support our members in following these recommendations.

Opportunity Now helps employers to accelerate change for women in the workplace because it makes good business sense. It works with its membership of employers, from the private, public and education sectors to offer tailored, practical and pragmatic advice on workplace issues.
A two part toolkit designed to assist the building of a robust global diversity strategy.
Making Diversity Work for You and Your People. Many organisations are taking steps to ensure employees are placed to give their best performance, to recruit from a widening talent pool and to empower their managers with inclusive leadership qualities. The trends analysis from  the Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity benchmaring survey represents findings from 76 UK employers, representing a combined workforce of 1.3 million. 
Containing insights and stories from some of the great leaders Opportunity Now works with, this insightful peice is intended to inspire others to be Change Agents, to give you the ideas and tools that you need to transform your own organisational culture.  If you are a leader in your organisation, draw from these examples and consider our recommendations. Diversity and HR practitioners or others who influence or support leaders will take useful learning from how our Change Agents made progress.A Change Agent can develop a change programme, mentor and support women who then become role models in their own right, and set an example for others to follow.   
A ' how to ' for Opportunity Now members on how to develop a truly gender diverse board.