Agile Working

Julia Cleverdon
Vice President
Business in the Community
In 2007 Opportunity Now, in partnership with the Government Equalities Office (formerly part of the Department for Local Communities) identified over 100 Exemplar Employers who are doing innovative work to address unequal opportunities for women in the workplace. The organisations all committed to sharing their best practice with other organisations for the future. It is hoped that this comprehensive sharing of expertise and solutions will ultimately help to address both the gender pay and opportunities gap in the UK.

The following recommendations are still relevant for today's organisations.
Opportunity Now the gender campaign from Business in the Community
The term ‘domestic violence’ refers to a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour, which includes physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse that takes place within the context of an intimate relationship. Learn about its impact on the workplace and how to address the issue.
The workforce should be inclusive and diverse and offer support for all groups of people.This toolkit offers guidance to member organisations on how to be supportive of carers.
Agile working encompasses working in a flexible way, such as part-time or compressed hours or regularly working away from the office as either a remote or mobile worker, perhaps working from home or from another office or client site, away from the rest of the team. This research showed a clear link between agile working and employee engagement but also a career penalty for agile workers. Management skills and leadership emerged as important factors successfully embedding agility as a business solution in organisations. These themes are explored in this research through focus groups in four different organisations with managers, teams and agile workers.
Opportunity Now surveyed over 1500 managers and team members to understand their attitudes towards agile/ flexible working. This report seeks to identify levels of trust in workplace relationships and in leaders and to assess how this is affecting the performance of agile/ flexible teams.
Equal Pay means ensuring that gender has no impact, even unintentional impact, on what employees are paid. This toolkit offers guidance and offers a checklist of action.
Employers need to look to the future to ensure the workplace of today is fit for purpose reflects today's diverse society.
Looking at social and economic trends, transforming today's workplace into tomorrow's and the implications for employers. This thought piece draws on the thinking and writing of many others and seeks to encourage robust discussion of what employers need to do to meet the challenges of the future.
Agile/ Flexible working, not just a ' mummy' issue, but part of a robust diversity strategy.