Agile Working

Not all women are the same. Today older women often lose out to younger counterparts and the disparities of gender inequality become exaggerated with age. Employers need to understand the needs of older women to advance and support them in the workplace.
If you are serious about change, you as CEO's need to take the lead on women’s progression, moving this from a diversity initiative to a core business priority.

Without senior women, why would you think you can progress? You need to see them at all levels so you know you can be there too.

- Focus Group Participant

Create a truly agile organisation, with women and men able to work in a way that makes them productive and engaged.
Demonstrate visible leadership in tackling bullying, harassment and sexual harassment; send a clear message to all employees that poor behaviour should be called out and turn ‘zero tolerance’ policy into a reality. Provide informal methods of reporting.
Consult with women in your organisation about the changes they would like see to enable more women to succeed.
For the purposes of our analyis and report, we refer to this group of industries collectively as the STEM sector:  This includes, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Electricity, Water Supply, Waste Management, Scientific & Technical Services and Telecommunications / Information Technology.