Inclusive Leadership - Vision

Why Does It Matter?

Understanding why inclusive leadership matters to your business, what inclusive leadership will bring that is different and how the impact of inclusive behaviours will be evaluated and rewarded is critical. Communicating this to the entire organisation is essential.

Individuals will only make and sustain a change in behaviour when there is a clear purpose and incentive to do so

Despite plenty of evidence showing the gains to be made from being a diverse and inclusive organisation, in reality individuals are more often rewarded for delivering high volume and high performance at any cost, than on their inclusive behaviours. To be a truly inclusive organisation a shift needs to take place to reward both outputs and behaviours.

Case Study Spotlight

One example of how to position the Vision for inclusive leadership comes from the British Army.

The Army has always viewed itself as a meritocratic employer; there is an increasing imperative to be regarded as an inclusive employer, reflective of the society from which it recruits with the associated benefits that greater diversity brings.  To truly be an employer of choice the Armed Forces needs to offer equality of opportunity for all.  Inclusive Leadership is one of the concepts to assist with the organization’s ultimate Equality and Diversity end state. Continue reading the British Army case study on their vision for Inclusive Leadership