Inclusive Leadership - Develop

How Do We Build Inclusive Leadership Capabilities?

To build inclusive competencies into the core of management and leadership we have identified a set of core inclusive leadership competencies that are designed to integrate into and complement existing leadership or management competency frameworks – not replace them.

 The three inclusive leadership competencies are:

  • Adaptability
  • Developing diverse talent
  • Building inclusive relationships 


Case study Spotlight

Citi – Building inclusive leadership competencies

In order to appeal to the widest possible audience, Citi simplified the language of inclusive leadership to three competencies – Adapt, Relate, Develop. These represent the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours of great inclusive leaders.

Research behind the competencies gave ‘Adapt Relate Develop’ credibility – and a compelling story. It wasn’t just a gimmick that HR had thought up, it was based on solid and proven research which validated our work.

- Kate Matthews,
Head of Leadership and Executive Development, EMEA

  1. Adapt is about recognising the biases individuals have and taking action to change;
  2. Relate focuses on the importance of growing and building relationships with colleagues; and
  3. Develop is about taking the time and effort to develop someone. Inclusive leadership is not only for seniors in Citi; everyone can benefit from being more inclusive.

Citi is also building inclusive leadership into its core leadership development programme. By talking to senior leaders about ‘inclusion’ the business was able to create a connection and ownership which had previously eluded them when talking about ‘diversity’. Citi has also been able to have more honest conversations about how it feels to be in the ‘out’ group with leaders, and it has helped them think more deeply about how to manage their diverse teams cross regionally. The three inclusive leadership competencies have more operational impact and being an inclusive leader is now seen as a critical capability rather than a ‘nice to have’.  Citi’s intranet includes self-assessment tools and a place to learn more about Inclusive Leadership. Continue reading the case study from Citi on building Inclusive Leadership competencies