Inclusive Leadership


Inclusive leaders get the best out of all their people, helping their organisations to succeed in today's diverse, global environment.  By building strong relationships and diverse teams, inclusive leaders are able to increase productivity, performance and engagement with staff and customers.
This Five Point Framework  will help you plan and navigate how to build inclusion as a core capability amongst all of  your managers and leaders.  Behind each icon on the graphic sits practical materials and case studies to support you on your journey to put inclusion at the heart of great leadership in your organisation.

A Five-Point Framework for change

The Five-Point Framework sets out the approach required to develop and embed inclusive leadership over a two to three year timeframe.  It is the result of an 18 month action research programme undertaken with five organisations: BAE Systems, the British Army, Citi, Fujitsu, and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The Five Point Framework acknowledges that each organisation has unique challenges, environments and cultures, and is designed to be flexible to those needs. It does not need to be used in a linear way, though we recommend organisations begin with Vision and move sequentially through to Evaluate.

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Inclusive Leadership: culture change for business success.


What does inclusive leadership mean to your organisation and why does it matter? Set out why inclusive leadership matters to your business and set achievable targets.
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Build a group of sponsors from across the business. Building a wider group of change agents for inclusive leadership helps to protect its long-term success.
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Build inclusive competencies into the core of management and leadership.
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Make inclusive leadership sustainable by embedding in day-to-day process, making it a core competency in management and leadership throughout your organisation.
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Due to the long- term nature of developing and embedding inclusive leadership, performance indicators should cover both progress and impact.
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Take the Journey

Follow the 'Five Point Framework' and learn how our five pioneering organisations are working at embedding Inclusive Leadership into their organisations. The concluding document contains recommendations and guidance for implementing Inclusive Leadership so that your organisation can benefit from increased performance and innovation.