Inclusive leaders and managers

Inclusive leadership is crucial to both business success and gender equality at work. As customers and employees become more diverse in today’s complex and global environment, leaders and managers must be adaptable and competent in order to manage the gender balanced workforces of the future.

Project 28-40 tells us that women are ambitious, confident and actively seeking opportunities to progress their careers, yet they are still underrepresented at the more senior levels of business. Employers need to get the basics right if they are to create truly inclusive workplaces where both women and men can thrive. This means developing excellent line management, which is far more important to women than creating more female-only programmes – and far more valuable to business.

Inclusive cultures lead to increased innovation, performance and employee engagement, and the actions of leaders and managers are critical to this success. Yet the core competencies of inclusive leadership are rare in today’s workplaces.

Our research and toolkits provide expert insight and practical recommendations to help our members develop their managers and build inclusive cultures. Each organisation has its unique challenges and environments, but to thrive in the 21st century, inclusive capabilities must become synonymous with excellent management and leadership.