Gender pay gap and public reporting

The gender pay gap currently stands at 19.2% in the UK. To accelerate the closure of this gap, organisations with more than 250 employees from all sectors will soon be required to publish their gender pay data.

8,000 employers will be impacted from 2016, collectively employing more than 11 million staff – some 40% of the UK’s workforce. In October 2016, the Government Equalities Office confirmed some details of the regulations (under Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010) including that from April 2017 and no later than April 2018, large employers with more than 250 employees will be expected to publish their gender pay and bonus gaps, proportion of men and women receiving bonuses and proportion of men and women at different pay quartiles.

At Business in the Community, we encourage early and comprehensive reporting as a positive move towards greater equality for women in the workplace. Embracing transparency could enable employers to enhance their corporate reputation, increase their staff’s engagement and attract new talent. Our research shows that employees want to know about the gender pay gap in their organisation, how it can be explained and what employers are doing to close it.

Now is the time to start preparing, so that you can find out if your organisation has a gender pay gap, identify its driving factors and take action to tackle it. We provide our members with online and face-to-face guidance to understand their gap and write their contextual narrative, and offer recommendations to develop an action plan tailored to their needs and relevant to their sector. 

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