Gender Pay Gap Reporting: How to write an effective narrative


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40 Bank St Canary Wharf
London E14 5NR

The objective of this workshop is to support companies in their gender pay gap reporting journey: explaining the pay gap, why it exists, the driving factors behind it and how to communicate it to employees and the general public.

By 4 April 2018, every UK organisation with 250 employees or more must publish their gender pay gap. With the deadline just five months away, many businesses have now crunched their numbers but analysing the data is only the starting point. Deciding how, where and when to present that data is critical to success. Your contextual narrative will be key in effectively positioning your results, both within and outside the business. Without this story, the figures may be misinterpreted by employees, investors and the public.
At this critical time in your journey to publishing your figures, Business in the Community's gender equality campaign invites you to take part in an event to discuss best practice and help you mitigate against adverse reactions. We will look at:
Understanding your gender pay gap
Writing an effective narrative to tell your story
Communicating your report internally and externally
The event will start with presentations from Chloe Chambraud, Gender Equality Director at Business in the Community and the Government Equalities Office, followed by a high-profile business that has reported their gender gap. Delegates can then discuss their own experiences and share questions.
  • Please note: This event is open only to Business in the Community gender equality campaign members. 
  • Those in HR, diversity & inclusion, communications, or elsewhere in the business involved with interpreting and reporting on gender pay gap data.
  • It is also a valuable event for organisations who are preparing to report on their pay gap for the first time and organisations who have reported already and want to reflect on lessons learned.