Workshop: Race and Gender Champions’ Forum


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London N1
The day is divided into two session, with Business in the Community (BITC) Gender Champions meeting in the morning and the Race Champions meeting in the afternoon.
Gender session
Diversity fatigue has settled in and people often turn off when they hear the word ‘diversity’. It is time to change the conversation, time to move away from the tick-the-box exercises, time to address the micro-behaviours that are not often measured, talked about or dealt with. It is time to move away from processes and policies to focus on culture change.  
In this Champions’ Forum, we will explore solutions with our members to address the attitudinal and behavioural blocks that are still preventing women and men from flourishing in the workplace. Mark Abraham OBE, former Head of Employment, Diversity and Inclusion and COO of the Army’s UK activities will be our guest speaker. He has led transformational culture change initiatives and will share his top tips to create sustainable culture change, such as the Call It Out campaign to address inappropriate behaviour. 
We will then engage in a discussion where our Champion members can ask questions or share experiences of what has worked to change behaviours in their organisation. 
Finally, Chloe Chambraud, BITC's Gender Equality Director, will present the culture change framework based on behavioural science that the Gender Leadership Team has been working on, and will invite Champions to feedback on this tool and to take part in an action-learning group.
Race session
In the Race Champions’ Forum Sandra Kerr OBE, BITC's Race Equality Director, will provide an update on pay and ethnicity consultation next steps, an update on the thematic review of Race at Work comments and another update on Executive Race Sponsor plans. There will also be chance for group discussion.
A sandwich lunch will be provided in a separate room.
This event is open to Champion partners of our Race and Gender campaigns, by invitation only. If you think you should have received an invitation but did not, contact, Events & Awards Coordinator.
Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.