Public Reporting and the Importance of Transparency

Considering reporting your organisations gender pay gap? This tool-kit offers guidance on how to measure, manage and publish data and examines the business case for transparency.

Download this toolkit and find out more about the business case for transparency, how to boost employee engagement and where to publish data.  Find out more about our call to action to measure, communicate and manage your gender pay gap and to promote gender equality in the workplace. 

Public reporting shows to your investors, employees and customers that you hold yourself accountable and that you are taking responsibility. Being open and honest about your challenges is also the best way to understand where your gaps are so as to inform action. Soon, transparency will no longer be an option. 

In 2014, the EU Parliament made reporting on social, environmental and diversity matters a legal requirement for large companies.1 A more gender-balanced workforce is critical to employee engagement, productivity and brand reputation. It is thus crucial for organisations to publicly disclose information on their diversity data and policies, if they are ever to meet this objective.



[i] ‘European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - Disclosure of Non-Financial Information by Certain Large Companies: European Parliament and Council Reach Agreement on Commission Proposal to Improve Transparency’ <> [accessed 3 November 2015].