Maternity in the Workplace

What is the issue? Employers need a flexible workforce which can respond to the changing needs of today’s 24/7 society. It is important to attract, retain and enable the most talented employees, in order to maximise levels of business performance. With women playing an increasingly significant role in the workplace, the diversity conscious employer cannot afford to ignore maternity in the workplace. In order to retain talented employees, and to reduce potential costs associated with employee replacement or legal action, the diversity aware employer is aware of the legal requirements of maternity legislation and is proactively supportive of their employee during the period of pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work. The diversity conscious employer is aware that most women who become pregnant wish to continue work until shortly before the baby’s birth. Pregnant women are likely to want to return to their jobs much as before they were pregnant, unless there are health and safety matters involved. When returning to work, some mothers may want to reduce their working hours or work more flexibly.