Tomorrow's Workplace - Fit for the Future

Executive Summary / Introduction

Employers need to look to the future to ensure the workplace of today is fit for purpose reflects today's diverse society.

Looking at social and economic trends, transforming today's workplace into tomorrow's and the implications for employers. This thought piece draws on the thinking and writing of many others and seeks to encourage robust discussion of what employers need to do to meet the challenges of the future.

Many of the things that women need to compete effectively in the workplace are likely to be part of the future. Greater workplace democracy will give women more voice and a fairer environment in which to work.


What does it mean for women? 

  • greater democracy will give women more voice and a fairer environment in which to work
  • the ability to participate on global terms will offer high profile assignments and access to senior jobs for women who want to work flexibly and / or remotely.
  • the ability to customise careers and move through a corporate lattice will give women more choice at different stages of their lives
  • a collaborative approach is consistent with women's leadership styles as is a flatter organisation
  • portfolio working will give women more options and increased outsourcing will give women entrepreneurs more scope
  • social networking empowers women who have been left out of formal and informal networks populated mainly by men
  • a values driven, win win organisation is more appealing to women

We live in the future with every new second that passes- seeds are planted in the present just as the present is rooted in the past

The Full Story

Tomorrow's Workplace - is your organisation fit for the future? This thought piece gives guidance on how to prepare the current workplace for the future. Covering the issues and giving advice ad guidance on meeting the challenges this document reviews how leaders and managers need to reflect the diversity of society, their customers and the multi - cultural world in which they operate.

Take Action

Practical and pragmatic guidance on how to take action.