The Gender Pay Gap: what employees really think

Executive Summary / Introduction

This report, based on a survey sample of more than 1,000 employees, provides a unique insight into public attitudes towards the gender pay gap and transparent reporting. Most employees believe that there is a gender pay gap in their organisation, and think that employers should publish not only their overall gender pay gap but also pay data broken down by grade and job type. Closing the gender pay gap matters to employees – the extent of a pay gap may impact how people feel about their employer, and respondents told us they may use publicly available data to inform decision making about their career. However, they would not act impulsively – instead employees want to discuss the pay gap openly with their employer, understand its causes and find out what action their employer is taking to close the gap.

It is very difficult to know exactly what is going on with the gender pay gap unless you are in a position that has access to the data within an organisation. In the UK there is a culture of salaries being secretive, more transparency would be great

- Male participant

The reality is that legislation is coming. We urge employers to listen what employees are saying through this report and take action now to understand and publish their pay data.




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