Changing Gear

Executive Summary / Introduction

This document represents twenty years of research condensed into what Opportunity Now believes to be the ten most impactful factors influencing the speed of change for women's progression in the workplace. Serving as a healthcheck  for those organisations who are in advanced stages of their diversity journey this document also serves as a starter for ten for those just beginning


Ten Impactful steps towards a diverse pipeline:

Step 1     Meaningful measurement: evidence- led learning
Step 2     Accountability: owning the speed of change
Step 3     Inclusive leadership: motivation from the top
Step 4     Inclusive Cultures
Step 5     Identifying talent: what does your future workforce look like?
Step 6     Appraisal to promotion: right people, right time
Step 7     Embedding agility, flexibility with impact
Step 8     Interventions with impact: coaching, mentoring and sponsorship
Step 9     One size fits all: normalising  non linear career paths
Step 10   Beyond his and hers: occupational integration 

The Full Story

Opportunity Now research confirms that the pipeline of UK talent still suffers from some very gender orientated leaks. Even among leading employers who are publically committed to promoting women's advancement, women's workforce participation reduces to 54% at non- managerial levels to 29% at senior management level and further still to 18% at executive level. This document offers practical guidance on the 10 impactful steps based on over 20 years of knowledge and insight.

Take Action

Key Messages - Select meaningful performance indicators - Ensure named executive level accountability - Assess how inclusive your leadership teams are - Ensure appraisals are meaningful two-way communications - Support managers to unpick default job designs - Ensure clear expectations, timescales and goals - Support career breaks and return to work - Understand the gender vertical and horizontal breakdown of your workforce.