Benchmark Survey 2014 Trends Analysis - Bullying and Harassment

Executive Summary / Introduction

Key findings

•    Women are twice as likely to make formal complaints than men 
•    BAME employees are more likely to make formal complaints than white employees
•    BAME women are most likely to make a formal complaint 
•    Organisations are taking more steps to turn ‘zero-tolerance’ policy into lived reality 
•    Increase in number of organisations monitoring and action planning to make proactive interventions 

114 organisations took part in the 2014 Gender and Race Benchmark; 27 from the public sector and 87 from the private sector. 86 organisations submitted data on ethnicity. 


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Project 28-40 found that 50% of women think that whilst there are good policies around harassment, poor behaviour still exists. This highlights a gap between policy and reality that need to be addressed.