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Equal Pay means ensuring that gender has no impact, even unintentional impact, on what employees are paid. This toolkit offers guidance and offers a checklist of action.
Published: February 2011
Type: Toolkit

At the heart of leadership is the ability to inspire and enable others to reach common goals. New organisational realities mean that a broad range of people will be needed to...

Published: June 2010
Type: Research

30+ years after the equality bill, women on boards are still the exception rather than the norm. This research takes a snapshot of the issue today...

Published: February 2010
Type: Research

Employers need to look to the future to ensure the workplace of today is fit for purpose reflects today's diverse society.

Looking at social and economic trends,...

Published: October 2008
Type: Research
Agile/ Flexible working, not just a ' mummy' issue, but part of a robust diversity strategy.
Published: December 2001
Type: Toolkit