Gender Equality Awards 2018: Responsible Business Award for Gender Equality- Barclays

Dynamic Working – business as usual



Flexible working has long been embedded into Barclays’ employee proposition for all colleagues, from day one. However, a meeting of the organisation’s multigenerational listening group found that there were inconsistent practices across the organisation. The group, therefore, launched the multi-year Dynamic Working campaign (DWC) in the UK in November 2014, followed by global roll-out with CEO sponsorship in June 2015.

Whilst the campaign established new and fresh perspectives, revitalised policy and practice and forged connections between colleagues at all levels, it was clear that this was not just about mums with small children working in part-time. In 2017, the DWC tagline was changed from ‘How do you work your life?’ to ‘Dynamic Working – business as usual’. This reflected that the campaign was embedded in day-to-day operations and the aims to change the culture around flexible working, moving to a norm that working dynamically is how Barclays and its employees achieve business, personal and professional goals.



The campaign includes the following core components:

  • Senior leader sponsorship, including vlogs launched by the CEO and a dedicated resource on each business Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council to drive local engagement
  • Global communications showing employees ‘working their lives’ dynamically
  • A dedicated portal and community chat site for colleagues to raise issues, share stories and access useful material
  • Face-to-face and virtual Manager Clinics run by senior managers to address perceived challenges, and a manager accreditation workshop, ‘Modern Ways of Working’
  • All-colleagues events and webinars hosted by diversity networks to address a range of Dynamic Working issues
  • Volunteer Dynamic Working Champions, who provide mentoring and guidance to managers and colleagues on managing Dynamic Working. In 2017, a toolkit was created to support champions in their work.
  • Case studies depicting different Dynamic Working patterns and why colleagues work dynamically (including pursuing hobbies, supporting a charity, being a military reservist and elder care)
  • Implementing a job share register
  • Aiming resourcing activity at future talent through Barclays’ Alumni and Campus recruitment teams
  • Including a discussion on what dynamic working could look like for all internal and external vacancies, and undertake regular audits to limit exceptions
  • Special listening groups to determine specific issues, such as the Let’s Chat maternity returners listening group
  • A Work-Life Balance Month to raise awareness of Barclays’ commitment to flexible working and options available to colleagues, and to reinforce leadership endorsement of agile working and the business benefits, including leader insight sessions
  • Collateral to indicate colleagues are out ‘working [their] life’ and raise the visibility of the campaign, including films, posters, postcards, tent cards and door hangers
  • Encouragement from UNITE for colleagues to be actively involved in the DWC
  • Continued D&I budget for the campaign



There has been an increase in colleagues working part-time since launch in 2014, from 7.5% to 12% (85% of whom are female). 59% of colleagues who responded to the global employee opinion survey said they work dynamically, including 62% of female colleagues, and 87% of colleagues feel able to talk to their manager about working dynamically. Additionally, employees who work dynamically have an overall engagement score of 83%, 5% higher than those who do not currently work dynamically. 

Over 3,500 managers have attended Manager Clinics since launch, and there are now over 1,050 colleague Dynamic Working Champions – a 226% increase in 12 months. In 2017 1,000 Barclays colleagues gained new insights through Work-Life Balance Month, and 19,000 colleagues downloaded Dynamic Working articles and case studies. Dynamic Working is also seen as an attraction for diverse talent and Barclays’ D&I team is actively engaged to provide guidance on Dynamic Working within the organisation’s new location strategy, as well as new colleague and customer interactions and client delivery methods.

Due to the success of Dynamic Working, Barclays has engaged with peer organisations and government departments on best practice. The organisation has also been named as a top 10 UK employer for flexible working by Working Families.