Gender Equality Awards 2016 - Female FTSE 100 Award - Unilever

The Female FTSE 100 Award recognises the highest ranking organisation in the index.


Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer


“At Unilever, we are firm believers in the power of diversity and inclusion to drive engaged and empowered teams, better decision making and ultimately business success. We believe it is important to reflect the diversity of our consumer base in our employees. Since our biggest consumer group is women, we have chosen to focus on gender as our lead diversity dimension. We have a holistic approach and numerous award winning initiatives to get to our goal of gender balance which has led to sector leading female management representation.


We believe increased female representation at senior levels will help us achieve equitable and sustainable growth under the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. The qualities of collaboration, authenticity and transparency are natural strengths for women and will be increasingly important as we move forward. We have 3 women on our Executive Committee and over half of our Non Executive Directors are female. We have also tripled our female representation, in the last 5 years, at Senior Vice President levels.


We still have some way to go to achieve true parity but we believe we are making the right choices and are headed in the right direction.”