Opportunity Now Campaign Aims

Opportunity Now the gender campaign from Business in the Community

We’ve defined three priorities that are critical to business, to help achieve the potential of people,teams and organisations. 
They are to create:

1. A better gender balance for leadership progression
2. Unbiased recognition and reward for all
3. Agile work cultures that are fit for the future



• Success in business comes down to having the best people in the right positions.
• Make the most of available talent by ensuring it is being fairly recognised and rewarded.
• Agile work cultures provide business benefits and unleash individual potential.

8 steps for accelerating change: 


1. Build the business case
2. Know where you are now through meaningful measurement
3. Define where you want to get to and ensure leaders are accountable


4. Move beyond the myths
5. Make targeted interventions
6. Mobilise managers and leaders as agents of change
7. Create inclusive cultures


8.  Measure impacts and use them to inform future activity


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