PwC - champion of gender equality






I want the firm to be the clear market leader but with a higher reputation for doing the right thing.

- Ian Powell,
Chairman, PwC
Operating in a high growth global market with diverse buyers of PwC services, being a diverse and inclusive organisation is a commercial imperative for PwC. It helps PwC identify new opportunities and emerging markets, responding to clients' current and future needs. Diversity in our people helps build trusted and enduring client relationships.

PwC’s ambitious business growth plans can only be achieved if all of PwC's people reach their full potential. Women comprise 47% of PwC's workforce, so it’s essential they can thrive, be their best and contribute to PwC's success.

Failure to do this, risks directly affecting PwC’s ability to recruit and retain top talent and consequently competiveness.

Chairman Ian Powell says what he wants to be remembered for during his time at the helm is the progress made to encourage diversity among the firm’s top staff. “I want the firm to be the clear market leader but with a higher reputation for doing the right thing”.

The Female Board Mentoring Sponsorship for high performing female partners supports PwC’s goal of bringing more women through to senior leadership roles. Twenty-six women started the programme in 2010, seven more have joined.  Just under 60% were appointed to leadership roles and 90% have had a role level increase within the Partnership, compared to 50% of the wider Partner population. This programme won the prestigious Opportunity Now Advancing Women in the Workplace award 2013.

PwC have also extended sponsorship to high potential female and ethnic minority talent which is endorsed by both their Chairman and Head of People. Female and ethnic minority directors and senior managers have a sponsor from the Executive Team, accountable for steering the candidates' development and progression over four years.

The  Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) is in its sixth year with over 99 high potential female directors participating with their partner ‘sponsors’.

PwC recently launched their follow up to their unconscious bias training ‘Open Mind’ which won the prestigious Opportunity Now Inclusive Culture award 2012. Open Mind 2 builds on this success creating a movement based on communications and awareness-raising of the business case for diversity and how PwC needs to value the difference of its diverse talent to support its business growth targets.

PwC are a founding partner and corporate sponsor of UK-wide social enterprise, Women on Boards. This offers networking, contacts and events to support women in using their professional skills and experience to gain board and leadership roles. Together they’ve run half-day workshops, covering self promotion/personal brand, confidence, CV writing and board opportunities/duties.