3M - champion of gender equality

3M -  imagining what’s next, and creating a better future, together.  

3M's 90,000 employees around the globe apply 3M science in collaborative ways, to make a positive impact on people's lives. 3M continuously connects ideas and insights, people and products differently than anyone else. Because 3M collaborates across businesses and shares diverse experiences, 3M it see things from all angles; and with limitless potential for progress. Whether combining their 46 technology platforms in a surprising, new way or reimagining how people get their work done, 3M develops products that create change for the better.

3M applies that same spirit of openness and self-expression in its approach to diversity and inclusion. 3M's culture is built on its Human Resource Principles - respecting the dignity and worth of individuals; encouraging the initiative of each employee; challenging individual capabilities; and providing equal opportunity. 3M knows that a gender-balanced organisation supports a culture of curiosity and collaboration, and better reflects its customers and markets – both fundamental to driving innovation and business growth.

Through the ‘I’m In’ initiative, employees at 3M are encouraged to work together in an inclusive environment, sharing responsibility for displaying inclusive leadership behaviours; championing a wide view of diversity, and celebrating different experiences, skills and abilities. This is supported at the highest level by senior executive participation in diversity mentoring programmes.

Although accelerating the inclusion and advancement of women has been on 3M’s agenda for more than 35 years, it's approach has now been  consolidated by establishing an executive-led global 3M Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF). Championing programmes to expand the pipeline of women targeted for leadership positions; increasing visibility of the work and talent of more women in the organisation; and building 3M’s reputation as a great place for women to work are just some of its goals. WLF Chapters are growing at an exponential rate and in 2015, more than 45 countries took part in 3M’s inaugural International Women’s Day celebrations. 3M's WLF Forum in the UK and Ireland is actively engaging employees – both women and men – to share their views and develop resources to ensure that gender balance continues to contribute to it's organisational success.

3M is equally passionate about encouraging diversity and equality through community programmes.  As a science-based company, 3M is working to engage more young people with the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. By pledging their support to the UK Government’s Your Life campaign, 3M is helping to inspire young people – particularly girls – to study STEM subjects as a gateway to exciting and wide-ranging careers.

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