Webinar: Business in the Community's Diversity Benchmark


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Join this webinar to understand the features and benefits of the Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark service, alongside the participation process.

What is the Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark?
The Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark measures age, gender and race workplace diversity. The benchmark is a management tool to help organisations evaluate their performance, including peer comparisons, and inform evidence-based decision-making around workplace diversity. 

Participants benefit from: bespoke feedback and recommendations that support with practical steps for improving performance; identification of strengths and weaknesses by peer comparison; and a confidential score and banding (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) that reflect performance.

“The benchmarking process enabled us to rigorously examine our practices with respect to Race. That helped identify what we were doing well as an organisation along with areas of opportunity. It was reassuring that the results confirmed we were focusing on the right areas in developing our BME talent and making sure we minimise bias in our processes and decision-making.” - Nicola Lintott, St Andrew’s Healthcare. St Andrew’s Healthcare achieved Gold in the Business in the Community Race Diversity Benchmark.

Keynote Speaker
Thomas Colquhoun- Alberts, Business in the Community Diversity Benchmark and Knowledge Manager. 

Who Should Attend?
This webinar is open to any organisation interested in benchmarking their organisation’s diversity profile, policies and practices. It is specifically targeted to HR and/or D&I practitioners.