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You’ve calculated your gender pay gap and identified the biggest causes, now it’s time to publish. Will you tell your employees first? How will you write your narrative - is there...
Published: February 2016
Categories: Pay and Reward
Type: Toolkit
The final toolkit in the series provides guidance, advice and best practice on how to equalise the earnings and positions of women and men in your organisation and close your...
Published: February 2016
Type: Toolkit

Sam Smith a manager at Deloitte shares his experience of Shared Parental Leave. 

Published: January 2016
Type: Case Study

This report, based on a survey sample of more than 1,000 employees, provides a unique insight into public...

Published: December 2015
Type: Research
Considering reporting your organisations gender pay gap? This tool-kit offers guidance on how to measure, manage and publish data and examines the business case for transparency.
Published: November 2015
Type: Toolkit