Gender Pay Gap Toolkit 1 - Measuring Your Gender Pay Gap

Do you know how to calculate your gender pay gap? Which method will you use? And how will you cut your data to gain a real understanding of the inequities?

The commercial imperative for calculating the gender pay gap continues to strengthen. It demonstrates to investors, employees and customers that you hold yourself accountable for tackling gender inequality at work, whilst enhancing your brand as an employer of choice. Analysing your pay data is also essential for understanding the key issues driving your pay gap, in turn allowing you to develop an effective and sustainable action plan.

In 2016, the government will enact Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010, which will require employers with over 250 employees to publicly report their gender pay gap. Business in the Community (BITC) is working with employers to prepare now for the potential reporting requirements.

The first toolkit in this series on gender pay gap reporting includes practical guidance on how to measure the gap and break down the data, using a variety of calculations. Once you have established a set of figures, read our next publication in the series, Toolkit 2: Understanding Your Pay Gap, to start exploring what the data is telling you.

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Infographic - 5 Steps to Closing Your Gender Pay Gap
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Gender pay gap infographic