This exhibition will shine a light on the diversity of women in the workplace and challenge the way in which women are perceived.
Featuring imagery from photographer Leonora Saunders,the stories of women, in particular, those who voices are often least heard will be told.
The exhibition will help employers to better understand the challenges that women encounter, but also their needs, priorities and strengths.
Celebrate with us the multiplicity of women at City Hall, London, from the 20 Feb - 10 March. Entry is free and all are welcome.

News and Opinion

On Saturday, thousands of women and men will gather on the streets of London standing against the eradication of women's rights, will you be there?
Find out how EDF Energy are encouraging girls to be curious about science, to develop their inquisitive side and to be ambitious.
Gender equality campaign member Capgemini UK publishes its pay gap and confirms commitment to "closing this gap and eliminating equal pay issues".

Diversity Benchmark

The benchmark is a management tool to help organisations evaluate their performance, including peer comparisons, and inform evidence-based decision-making around workplace diversity. 

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